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Yuseff Cherney

When our founder and master distiller Yuseff Cherney started making spirits, it was just a hobby in the back of his brewery. Armed with an unwavering drive to innovate, he’s grown Cutwater Spirits from a passion project into an award-winning craft spirits brand that’s pioneered the canned cocktail category.

Cutwater Spirits Founder Yuseff Cherney

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Instagram post 17937037000413504 Long Island and the Mai Tai...13.2 and 12.5 respectively.  Boom!  #setyourcocktailfree #cutwaterspirits
Instagram post 17849892164346399 It dipped below 75° in San Diego today... it’s finally fall! Which cocktail are you celebrating the weekend with? 🍁 #cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #weekendvibes #fridaymood
Instagram post 17879865601884236 A fishing trip just isn’t complete without a Mai Tai on deck.. 🍹🎣 #cutwaterspirits #maitai
Instagram post 17872514062996314 All the way in Bangor, Maine!  A brand new truck rolling the streets!  Thanks @mainedist ! Y’all rock!
Instagram post 17892020353677863 Still a bit warm in San Diego... but the Tiki Holiday Spirit is hitting stores across the country. It makes for a great brunch coffee mixer... or just on ice, it’s so nice!  #tiki #tikicocktails #tikidrinks
Instagram post 17864815487119521 Long day on the water...It’s Paloma time!  #sandiego #cutwaterspirits #tequila #setyourcocktailfree
Instagram post 17876177635918129 Wednesday plans: celebrating making it to Wednesday...😏 #cutwaterspirits #0sugar #0carbs #glutenfree
Instagram post 17890822510661943 Don't walk, run! The Tiki Mugs are here - get them online at the link in our bio, or head over to the Tasting Room for the launch at 11AM. If you're coming in today, give that mug the love it deserves by pairing it with our Bermuda Chai-angle or the Curious George, two lip-smacking Bali Hai Tiki Monkey Rum cocktails handcrafted just for this release. We'll see you soon. Happy #TikiTuesday!

Tiki Mug designed by Thor @thor_art_picture_portal
#CutwaterTikiTuesday #TikiMugTuesday
Instagram post 17889505498708062 First, put in the work to make firewood. Second... Margarita time🤘#rewarding #cutwaterspirits #margaritatime
Instagram post 17891888557631534 17 cocktails, 2 about to be added, many more to come... which cocktail should join the lineup next? 🤔 #cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #awardwinning
Instagram post 17889356152694983 The tiki mug you've been waiting for is right around the corner. Designed by Thor, we're paying homage to our friends at @balihairestaurant and honoring the Goof on the Roof. 

Head steady into the weekend, but be ready for the release happening on 10/13. 

Follow the @cutwatertastingroom for info on where to find ‘em. 

Tiki Mug designed by Thor @thor_art_picture_portal
Instagram post 17855554910239080 The man behind the idea... Founder and Master Distiller Yuseff... he loves creating award-winning spirits and a day on the ocean pondering his next move. This Bloody is for you, pal.  #cutwaterspirits #alwayscreating #makeitspicy #setyourcocktailfree
Instagram post 18012180757290607 Friends ☑️ Dog ☑️ Canned Cocktails ☑️ There’s no better way to spend a Tuesday.

#cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #longislandicetea #tequilamargarita
Instagram post 17844141137419552 One margarita frozen pop at a time... made with love by Natalie 🤙 #cutwaterspirits #frozencocktails