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Your routine? It can wait! It’s time to cut out with @CutwaterSpirits. Cutwater Spirits offers America’s Most Awarded Canned Cocktails that are ready when you are.⁠

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Yuseff Cherney

When our founder and master distiller Yuseff Cherney started making spirits, it was just a hobby in the back of his brewery. Armed with an unwavering drive to innovate, he’s grown Cutwater Spirits from a passion project into an award-winning craft spirits brand that’s pioneered the canned cocktail category.

Cutwater Spirits Founder Yuseff Cherney

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Spicy Bloody Mary Canned Cocktail

Cutwater Tequila Blanco


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You know that feeling when you step into some fresh pow? It's just like cracking open a marg. Crisp. Fresh. Satisfying.⁠
#hittingtheslopes #cutoutwithcutwater #cutwaterspirits #snowday
Kicking back with this simple classic. Dive right into tequila-forward floral notes complemented by our crisp house-made grapefruit soda for a bright finish. *sip* Ahhh…⁠
#awardwinning #cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #cutoutwithcutwater
Behold! The delicious Mango Margarita 🔥 If you haven’t heard yet - cases are on the trucks and headed your way! DM zip for help finding 'em. ⁠
#cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #awardwinning #mangomarg #cutoutwithcutwater ⁠
They say threes a crowd, we say there's a cocktail for everyone.⁠
We've got 20 cocktails and counting. Visit our website at the link on our bio to learn more. #cutoutwithcutwater #cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails
Behind each canned cocktail is a team of Cutwater Warriors. Not only do they ensure the best quality spirits make it to your hands, but they look cool doing it 😎⁠
#peopleofCutwater #cutwaterspirits #awardwinning #cannedcocktails
Sunny days in San Diego call for a pop! These babies are flying off of the shelves!  Our Team nailed it with this one - made with Real Tequila! Volume on 🔊

Mango, Strawberry, Lime and Pineapple!
Marg in hand is the best way to wrap up a day on the slope🤘#cutoutwithcutwater #cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #awardwinning 📸: @alexandr_ford
The moment you've all been waiting for... Mango Marg is hitting shelves all over the U.S. this week! 🥭 DM your ZIP to find them near you!⁠
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Roughing it for Valentine's Day? Grab a canned cocktail made for the adventure. ⁠
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Let's be real. Your valentine doesn't want flowers, they want cocktails. DM us to find Cutwater near you! ⁠
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⁠That Friday feeling brought to you by our popular Paloma. Yeah, it tastes as good as it looks.⁠ 😉 ⁠
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Delivery on the way Boston!! A Mai Tai cuts the cold!!