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Your routine? It can wait! It’s time to cut out with @CutwaterSpirits. Cutwater Spirits offers America’s Most Awarded Canned Cocktails that are ready when you are.⁠

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Yuseff Cherney

When our founder and master distiller Yuseff Cherney started making spirits, it was just a hobby in the back of his brewery. Armed with an unwavering drive to innovate, he’s grown Cutwater Spirits from a passion project into an award-winning craft spirits brand that’s pioneered the canned cocktail category.

Cutwater Spirits Founder Yuseff Cherney

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Spicy Bloody Mary Canned Cocktail

Cutwater Tequila Blanco

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We're always repping our home team at the @cutwatertastingroom! ⚾⁠
Padres cans are available in local markets and at Petco Park while supplies last. Send us a DM to find them near you! ⁠
#cutwaterspirits #sandiegopadres #SLAMdiego #cannedcocktails⁠
Swapping stories by the campfire can only get better with your favorite Marg in hand.⛰️⁠
#cutwaterspirits #tequilaseason #margaritas #awardwinning #cannedcocktails
Cutwater Bourbon Whiskey. Need we say more? 🤤 #NationalBourbonDay ⁠
A bottle of Cutwater award-winning whiskey is the perfect gift for Father's day. Send us a DM with your zip code or check out our "where to buy store locator" at the link in our bio.⁠

⁠#cutwaterspirits #awardwinningspirits #bourbon
Plus up your backyard hang with our number one best seller: Lime Tequila Margarita.⁠
#cutwaterspirits #tequilaseason #margarita #cannedcocktails
Cans up for the weekend! 😎

#cutwaterspirits #peachmargarita #awardwinning #cannedcocktails
Our promise to you: You’ll always get our real, award-winning spirits in every canned cocktail… We wouldn't have it any other way.⁠ ⁠
P.S. Our Vodka Sodas are 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar, and only 99 Calories. You’re welcome. 😉 ⁠
#cutwaterspirits #awardwinning #cannedcocktails⁠ #glutenfree
The Paloma you all know and love. Crisp, refreshing, and in a can so it’s ready when you are.⁠
#cutwaterspirits #cutoutwithcutwater #cannedcocktails
Tequila Tuesday ➡️ Frozen Strawberry Margarita Popsicle 🍓⁠
Send us a DM with your zip code to find them at a store near you! #frozencocktails #frozencocktailpops #cutoutwithcutwater #cutwaterspirits ⁠#cutoutwithcutwater
Anyone else watching the #Padres from home today? Let us know in the comments which of our canned cocktails you're #cuttingout with 👇⁠
Find these limited edition Padres cans at Petco park next time you're in the stands!⚾ #cutoutwithcutwater #cutwaterspirits #SLAMDiego #GoPadres
We interrupt #tequilaseason to bring you this dynamic duo... White Russian + doughnuts 🍩⁠ Trust us - you've got to try it. #NationalDoughnutDay⁠
Need the White Russian in your life? Send us a DM with your zip code or check our "where to buy store locator" to find them near you! ⁠
#cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #whiterussian⁠
Mid-week #cutout moment on the beach. How are you enjoying the OG Lime Margarita today? 🏖⁠
#cutoutwithcutwater #cutwaterspirits #mostawarded #cannedcocktails
To the families of our fallen heroes and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, thank you. Today, we honor you and your service to our Country. #MemorialDay
🥭: I’m ready for my close-up.⁠
#cutwaterspirits #tequilaseason #mangomargarita

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